PAG EXPORT CO., LTD is one of the companies specializing in supplying agricultural wastes and by-products as raw materials for animal feed such as: corn silage, dried molasses pellet, tapioca pellet, rice husk, rice bran, cashew husk powder, molasses…the products are cashew testa (cashew husk), cashew husk pellet/ cashew husk powder widely used for tanning industry, animal feed, fuel burning, fertilizer/ compost making. And clean energy products such as: Wood pellet, wood chip, wood sawdust, wood shaving, rice husk pellet, rice husk briquette….
Besides, we also supply handicraft products produced from traditional villages of Vietnam such as: Straw hat, Straw bag, Hand fan, Coconut products, Bamboo product, Grass broom, Coconut broom.
We also supply spices such as cinnamon, star anise, pepper, ginger, turmeric…
We always closely check the source of raw materials to bring the products with the best quality and most prestige to customers. So we always have high trust from old customers.
Come with us, you will get the fastest service, the most competitive price and the best quality.
We hope with best price , good quality , good service would be suitable for your need and it’s very honor to serve you anytime .